Lab Microbial Systems Ecology

Files to download for standard lab work:

A) Forms / rules for the lab, safety and credits:

1) Commitment form for students ("Verpflichtungserklärung für Studenten", in German).

2) Form for application of lab permit ("Benutzungsvereinbarung", in German).

3) Sicherheitsbelehrung/Safety instructions for work in laboratories in general.

4) General rules and recommendations for the 016 Lab ("AG Lee/Lee Lab).

5) Application form for credits for internships (Beurteilungsformular für Praktika und Arbeiten (BA, MSc).

B) Standard lab protocols for basic internship projects:

1)  Biomarker evaluation and search. 7)  Microbial media. 13)  Preservation of cells.
2)  Cloning & Screening (e.g. T-RFLP). 8)  Microscopy. 14)  Sequencing.
3)  Culture Collections. 9)  Molecular databases. 15)  Software. 
4)  FISH. 10) Nucleic acid extractions. 16)  Stains. 
5)  Metagenomics. 11) PCR.  17)  Taxonomy.
6)  Microbial growth & other facts. 12) Phylogeny & bioinformatics.  18)  Other information.

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1) Biomarker evaluation/search:

2) Cloning and Screening (e.g. T-RFLP):

3) Culture Collections

4) FISH:

5) Metagenomics: 
6) Microbial growth, diversity, evolution, and other facts:

7) Microbial media:

  • Media for dilution of samples with microbes:
    • 0,9 % NaCl (dissolved either in distilled water or in a suitable buffer, e.g. 20 mM HEPES, pH 7).
    • 0,9 % NaCl with 0,1 % tween 80 and 10 µM Na-pyrophosphate (dissolved either in distilled water or in a suitable buffer, e.g. 20 mM HEPES, pH 7).

8) Microscopy:
9) Molecular databases:
10) Nucleic acid extractions:
11) PCR:
12) Phylogeny and bioinformatics:

13) Preservation of cells:

14) Sequencing (filing of data, concentration, volumes, shipping, evaluation):

15) Software for bioinformatics:

16) Stains:

17) Taxonomy:

18) Other information: 

Comment on the above listed protocols:  Please regard all information critically. We hope that the protocols and links listed above are correct, yet we cannot guarantee that they are free from occassional, unintended errors. If you have questions about the contents on this website, please contact nlee<at>

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